Trump revealed the authors of their tweets

Trump revealed the authors of their tweets

The President of the United States, Donald trump told how he conducts his Twitter account, in an interview with British TV host Piers Morgan. His words are quoted by the newspaper Evening Standard.

The politician confirmed that he usually writes and publishes posts in a blog myself, however, if very busy, dictates their assistants. “Sometimes I write from the bed, over Breakfast or lunch. In General, it usually happens early in the morning or evening. During the day I am very busy and hastily dictate something to the assistants, they are sent”, — the politician noted.

On the Twitter account of Donald trump signed up to 47.2 million. Politician actively maintains a blog, reacting to it as the domestic political events and international agenda.

January 20, he sarcastically criticized the March of feminists, noting that the country has reached the lowest level of female unemployment in 18 years. On 18 January, the trump called Mexico the most dangerous country in the world for drug smuggling in the United States.