Psychologists have described the way to get rid of Internet addiction

Psychologists have described the way to get rid of Internet addiction

MOSCOW, January 28 — RIA Novosti. How common is Internet addiction, on what grounds it can be recognized and that their behavior should pay attention, on the eve of the International day without the Internet, told RIA Novosti interviewed psychologists.

International day without Internet is annually celebrated by the world community on the last Sunday of January. The main purpose of this holiday is to distract people from the computers and global network to at least one day to live this day only in the “real” world, communicate with other people only “live” or to dedicate it to his beloved, not connected to the Internet hobby.

Two sides of the same coin

Computers have changed not only human life, but his own, said the head of the Department of neuro – and pathopsychology, faculty of psychology of Moscow state University Alexander thostov. According to him, the Internet has influenced “all forms of communication between people, organizations, all methods of information search and use, everything is moving in the world, it’s different…

Earlier, people wrote letters, talked, even to make a call, sometimes it was to go and look for a machine. We even underestimate the extent of these changes. It is easy to see that it is the external changes, but very much the man changed internally”.

“It really needs to be viewed from two sides. First, when we talk about the negative consequences against the backdrop of such Hobbies, by the computer occur computer addiction… gadgets should be considered as tools, but any tool can be directed to the human development and productive activities or for the destruction,” said associate Professor of psychology and pedagogy of distance learning of the Moscow state University of psychology and education Victoria Bartsalkina, noting that computers and Internet are also given many opportunities to search for information, study, interact with people.