Amateur astronomer found a lost NASA satellite

Amateur astronomer found a lost NASA satellite

Amateur astronomer from Canada discovered the lost over a decade ago NASA satellite. This was announced by the publication Tech Times.

Jan 20, canadian Scott tilley (Scott Tilley) was able to capture signals from the satellite IMAGE. The man tried to discover the secret American satellite Zuma, but instead he heard the call sign with a long-lost spacecraft.

Tilly wrote about the discovery in a blog post, but initially nobody paid attention. Then he contacted the chief investor IMAGE by James Burch (James L. Burch). A few days later, engineers from the space flight Center Goddard confirmed that we were able to get a signal with IMAGE and hold it.

The satellite IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) was launched in 2000 to study the Earth’s magnetosphere. In December 2005, scientists have lost contact with him and found him lost in space. Presumably the satellite was able to restart during last year’s solar Eclipse.

January 8, it became known that a secret us satellite, codenamed Zuma failed to reach orbit after launch booster Space X. the spacecraft had not separated from the second stage of the Falcon 9 and burned in the atmosphere, or drowned in the ocean. Later the cause of the loss, called a fault in the system of separation of the device from the rocket.