A tourist from the United States called the German police Nazis

A tourist from the United States called the German police Nazis

The German police is investigating the incident with an American tourist, who allegedly called the German law enforcement Nazis. On it informs the British edition the Independent.

According to police, 49-year-old Carol Christine Fair tried to carry liquid in hand Luggage through security at Frankfurt international airport. During a dispute with police officers, who confiscated her can of deodorant, she burst into expletives and other insults called officers by the Nazis.

Herself an American, who is a Professor of political science at Georgetown University, denied that he had called police officers Nazis, noting that she was misunderstood.

According to her version, at the moment when the policeman seized her deodorant, through the same guard post proceeded the man, “looking like a Nazi” because he had “hair the Hitler youth,” and she shared her thoughts about it.

After the incident, the Fair was taken to the police station, where preliminary investigation had been initiated by her suspicion of libel. The American was obliged to pay a Deposit of $260 for the expected costs of the litigation, after which she was told that she could continue her trip to Istanbul.

In a statement, police said that during the preliminary investigation were also taken into account the statements of Carol Christine Fair on Twitter, that the German police officers is “hooligans” and “thugs in uniform”.