“Syrian democratic forces,” said shot down a Turkish helicopter

“Syrian democratic forces,” said shot down a Turkish helicopter

MOSCOW, 27 Jan — RIA Novosti. “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), which are based on Kurdish troops shot down a Turkish helicopter in the Syrian Afrin, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the SDF.


“In surrounding villages Kavre NRC and Batman shot down a Turkish helicopter,” — said RIA Novosti by telephone representative of the SDF.

The General staff of the Turkish armed forces on 20 January announced the beginning of “operation Olive branch” against the forces of the Syrian Kurds in the Afrin. The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim said Sunday the beginning of the ground operation in ‘ Afrīn. Simultaneously with Turkey, the militants of the “free Syrian army”.

Damascus strongly condemned Turkey’s actions in ‘ afrīn, noting that it is an integral part of Syria. Moscow in connection with the situation in Afrin called on all parties to show restraint and to respect territorial integrity of Syria.