Singer Zara has become a participant Putin Team “Remember your roots»

Singer Zara has become a participant Putin Team “Remember your roots»

On Saturday in the framework of Putin’s Team “Remember your roots” singer Zara has visited native academic gymnasium № 56 in Saint Petersburg. Honored artist of Russia became the first participant of the action, the meaning of which is that famous people and ordinary Russians come to their schools, clubs, groups, meet with teachers or coaches, communicate with the younger generation and share their skills and secrets.

Zara timed visit to the anniversary of the full lifting of the siege of Petersburg 75 years ago. Therefore, the military theme that has a red line through the whole meeting. During the open lesson the singer was singing war songs.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the representatives of the Putin Team, those guys were very interested in the success story of the singer. Answering their questions, Zara called upon to believe in yourself and work hard then everything will turn out. The singer reminded how important it is to know their roots, culture, to remember people through which each of us took place in my life. She told me a lot about high school and the teachers thanked each of them.

The singer spoke in detail about his decision to join the action and movement of the Putin Team.

“First steps to my success began at school, she said. Here not only gave education, but also taught humanity, compassion, dedication, respect for labor and their Homeland. I would like to pass on to the guys, as the baton of my secrets, my hopes and share with them the love to our teachers. Exactly what formed the important values on which we with a team building the future of our country.”