She has denied matkapital for letters with dots

She has denied matkapital for letters with dots

The Russian refused to issue the certificate on matkapital due to the fact that the birth certificates of two of her three children the woman’s name is written differently.

This is stated on the website of the Leningrad district court of Kaliningrad, where she has filed a lawsuit against the Pension Fund.

“In the first document is the letter “E”, and the second is the letter “E”. The plaintiff appealed to the court, believing that the refusal of the defendant is illegal because previously she never had any problems with the title documents”, — noted in the text.

In August of last year, the state Duma rejected an initiative to equate the two preceding letters in the personal information because it can prevent crime and find missing persons.

In July 2016 for the dissemination of extremist materials in the Chelyabinsk region were prosecuted adept banned in Russia movement “Spiritual and Tribal sovereign Rus”, who worshipped the letter “E”.