Crude and dangerous. What foods can infect you with parasites

Crude and dangerous. What foods can infect you with parasites

The larvae of the parasite can lurk not only in sushi and dishes of raw fish, but also in other products. What to do to avoid infection with worms?

What products can infect us with parasites, how to avoid it and what you can eat without fear, AIF-Kitchen said Mikhail Lebedev, the expert of the Center of molecular diagnostics, Central research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

Parasites, which are often called worms or just worms — this is not the only danger of raw food. There are still a variety of bacteria and viruses, and it is not clear which is worse. So you need to very carefully watch what you eat and how these foods are prepared.

The key in this matter — heat treatment.

Sufficient heat treatment. It solves all problems and relieves a huge amount of risk of helminth infection. That is, the product need to fry, bake, the best way to cook. I also want to say that the stores, both large and small, on the test market products. The probability of infection as a result much less. The main danger from those products you bought from the hands of farmers or pseudoterminal my grandmother in the next village, fishermen on the road.

Raw fish

About the dangers of raw fish, both marine and river, they say very often. Sometimes what they say, about the river — it’s the most dangerous and more reliable. But it’s not. Raw fish any threat, sea, too. Another issue is that frozen fish — net. Helminth larvae do not like low temperatures, and a couple days in the freezer ensures your peace of mind.


About them we are reminded often, and it would be necessary. Because cancers contain very unpleasant parasite lung Fluke. It can affect how the lungs and muscles, subcutaneous tissue, there are even brain damage. Although the disease is quite rare, as cancers still eat boiled. Transmit this parasite also crabs, but they most often appear on our table and cooked after freezing.