The West does not understand us: Russian women disgraced in Paris

The West does not understand us: Russian women disgraced in Paris

Why heroines Russian gossip was accused of racism.

At fashion Week there was a scandal associated with the behavior of single Russian girls, fashion designer Uliana Sergienko. The face of Russian fashion and her friend, blogger and style icon Miroslava Duma, was accused of racism. About how events developed, which can cost career both fashionistas, read in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

NewsKsenia Sobchak and Ulyana Sergeenko at the opening of the boutique

Russian bloggers will have to become more restrained and learn the rules of etiquette, accepted in the West, if they want to retain at least some weight in the international arena. Yesterday proved that the actions of the favorite characters of the Moscow gossip Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko.

Russian designer, constant participant of high fashion Weeks in Paris, Ulyana Sergeenko, has declared itself in the midst of another Week so that became the talk of the world. Designer is not only famous for images of Vera Brezhneva, Renata Litvinova, Natalia Vodianova. In the West, in a dress from Ulyana Sergeenko Couture at various awards in film and music appeared singer Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen and even Kim Kardashian. However, will now star to wear her outfits, a moot point.

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It all started with the fact that the founder of the project about fashion Buro 24/7 and blogger Miroslava Duma has published in his Instagram an invitation to show couture collection Ulyana Sergeenko, his girlfriend. All anything, but on the card was written: “To all my niggas in Paris. Ula :)” (“All my n*de in Paris”). Even if the Russian public, which usually is not tolerance, and condemned both women, the world community considered the card an outrageous act of racism. For the last day Sergeenko and the Duma faced with the consequences of a reckless act that could cost her friends career.

In response to angry comments from the users in the network Sergeenko explained that I was quoting lines from his favorite song of rapper Kanye West.