“Collection of idiots”: why cultural activists did not like the Comedy “Death of Stalin”

“Collection of idiots”: why cultural activists did not like the Comedy “Death of Stalin”

The Ministry of culture of Russia decided not to allow the showing of the Comedy “Death of Stalin” in theaters after the letter of workers of culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky. As found by Bi-bi-si, not everyone who signed the letter, watched the Comedy.

Comedy British Director Armando’s Ianucci “Death of Stalin” angered the Russian cultural figures.

The reason for revoking the license is the Comedy “Death of Stalin” was a letter of culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky. But, as found by the Russian service Bi-bi-si, not all the signatories of the letter watched the Comedy and participated in the work on the appeal.

Under the request to ban the film from British Director Armando’s Ianucci was signed by Russian cultural figures, including film Directors Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Bortko and Sergey Miroshnichenko, the Deputy Elena Drapeko, the Chairman of the Union of composers Rustem Kalimullin, the daughter of Marshal Zhukov Zhukov, Era and others. “We ask you, dear Vladimir Medinsky, as a historian, and just as a citizen, personally, to carefully watch this film and to take, in our opinion, the right solution is not to let it show in Russia”, — said in the appeal.

The letter stated that Comedy had distorted the images of some historical figures: “bugs submitted just a militant clown, and this, incidentally, is an outstanding leader, a talented strategist, Marshal of the Soviet Union.”

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Shortly after sending the letter, the rental license was indeed revoked. Russian service Bi-bi-si has spoken to some opponents of the Comedy and found out why they were against the screening of the film and who wrote the appeal to the Minister of culture.

Vladimir Bortko, film Director, state Duma Deputy from the Communist party

I really signed. Made it somehow EN masse, all together. I was browsing the “Death of Stalin”, though a little late. I came, I watched 15 minutes and left — I had enough.

Then we just signed a letter with Drapeko. The initiative does not know whose.

Who wrote the text? Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich!Mr Northriver

Does it matter who wrote the text, I agree with him.

My father lost a leg at Stalingrad. My mother was there seriously wounded. Signed because my parents would turn over in his grave. On the eve of the anniversary of the battle of the showing of this film seems to me, to put it mildly, disgusting. If it was shown in July in Sochi at 22:45 after the restaurant — that would be great. But now it’s inappropriate.

As a member of the Communist party, I especially against it. Because my leader Joseph Stalin, who remains always just slander. By the way, there are who remember, as Winston Churchill, a respected political figure brought the sword a gift of king George to Joseph Stalin. We remember, and the British need to remember — write it, please.