With big Boobs it is easier to go against the wind

With big Boobs it is easier to go against the wind

The researcher modeled how the incoming flow of air flows around the figure in two ways: with large Breasts and without. The author came to the conclusion that Pycnogenol suppresses turbulence near the body, which provides a lower pressure from the flow.

The results presented in the article on the website Tagged.

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Scientists often create models of flow in the gas stream of different objects to determine their aerodynamic characteristics.

For example, in the case of the fuselage this allows to reduce the number of expensive real tests of models in wind tunnel.

The author of the new work decided to find out how big women’s Breasts changes the interaction of the body with the air flow. As an example, he took the character by the name of Lcoa (also known as Quetzalcoatl) from the anime “Miss Kobayashi’Dragon’s Maid”. Lcoa has considerable breast size.

The simulation was carried out for two figures when the nine values of the flow velocity from 1 to 30 meters per second.

It turned out that the model with negligibly small Breasts is experiencing 4% more drag at maximum flow rate (2% more on average), and the lifting force is up to 32% more (22% average).

Thanks to this model with big Breasts feels the best coupling with a surface potentially simplifies the walk in this case. The author notes that the reason for this is that the feet are formed more powerful vortices. These vortices are formed due to the fact that large Breasts redirects the flow from the torso down.

The author writes that the reason that prompted him to undertake the study was the prevalence of the views of “flat is justice” (literally, “justice in the plane”, used among fans of the anime culture, prefer female characters with small Breasts). This phrase is untenable from the point of view of aerodynamics, the author concludes the work.

The study also highlights the limitations of the work done, the main of which was the use of the model fixed and rigid hair. Due to the complex shape, they are largely determined by the nature of the flow behind the model. In the future, the author plans to use in his studies of the new model with the changed hair. But the best of the possible continuations of the work he mentioned the idea to test in a wind tunnel the flow of real people with varying breast size.