The ROC proposed to rename “Communist” island of the Arctic

The ROC proposed to rename “Communist” island of the Arctic

MOSCOW, 24 Jan — RIA Novosti. Russian Orthodox Church proposes to rename the centenary of the execution of the Royal family in July 1918 “Communist” island of the North Land, which was opened in 1913 by an expedition sent by the decision of Nicholas II, said to RIA Novosti, the Bishop Naryan-Mar and Mezen, head of the Patriarchal project “Russian Arctic” James.

The archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya was opened on September 4, 1913 the expedition of Boris Vilkitsky and is called Land of Nicholas II, one of the Islands was named in honor of crown Prince Alexei. In Soviet times, the archipelago was renamed, and its Islands were named the pioneer, Komsomol, Bolshevik, October Revolution.

“We have to follow the path of historical and divine truth… the Geography and names of land should capture the path of creation not destruction. Comical look in the Russian Arctic these names: Komsomol, Bolshevik, pioneer. It is necessary to relate to their own history, respect and love their land. That we have very few heroes, pioneers, the people that we are proud of?” — Jacob said.

As recalled by the interviewee, in 2006 there was an attempt to return to the archipelago the name of Nicholas II and to rename in honor of shot daughters of the last Russian Tsar. However, in order to escape from the imposed collision of “white” and “red”, is now available to give new names to the Islands and to perpetuate acts for the good of the Fatherland, said James.