The Minister of forestry of the Orenburg region was fired after the clip officials with a Striptease

The Minister of forestry of the Orenburg region was fired after the clip officials with a Striptease

UFA, January 23 — RIA Novosti. The Governor of Orenburg region Yuri Berg dismissed the Minister of forest and hunting economy Victor Slim and his three deputies, who were the heroes of the movie with male strippers, told RIA Novosti the representative of administration of the head region.

To perform the duties of the head of Department will be Vladimir Morozov, earlier holding a post of the Deputy Minister of agriculture and processing industry.

The regional authorities ‘ attention was attracted by emerging social networks and media the video, which involves people like Slim and his subordinates. In the beginning of the video officials sit at your Desk and drink beer on the background of the bag with the word “Budget.” Then people, like the Minister, read out a few “Executive orders of the Governor” about the need to develop domestic tourism and that in the woods appeared “shaggy beast”.

Further, the officials dressed in historical characters, drink alcohol, curse, demonstrate various weapons and depict an impromptu dance at the pole and male strippers.

After that Berg had signed a decree on dismissal of Slim and his Deputy Dmitry Teteriatnik, Igor Dobrovidov and Vladimir Ryabov.

“The decision on dismissal of the participants in the video it’s in the first seconds of viewing. Such behavior is unworthy of a public servant, it violates all moral norms. You can close your eyes to the stupidity of young Ulyanovsk cadets. But the age and position of these “artists” allow them to claim only for the Darwin award,” said the Governor.

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Another RIA Novosti source in the regional government explained that after the video has passed an emergency meeting, which caused the participants of the video. Thus the interlocutor of the Agency noted that no one asked them why they shot a video.