“I’m 69 and this is only the beginning”: why among the models more and more older

“I’m 69 and this is only the beginning”: why among the models more and more older

2017 was the most successful in the career of the 69-year-old model Meja Musk, mother of the famous inventor Elon musk. Does this mean the changing age stereotypes in the world of fashion and for how long?

According to the international forum, the Fashion Spot, the season “Spring-2018” became the “adult” in the history of the fashion industry: 27 models aged 50 years and over walked the catwalks on the fashion weeks in new York, Milan, Paris and London.

Russian service Bi-bi-si talked about the change in age-stereotypes 69-year-old model Meja Mask — mother of the famous inventor and businessman Elon musk, as well as asked industry experts what is the entry of women 50+ in the world of fashion.

The secret of success — in her white hair

“Over the past year I worked harder than in my entire life”, — told in interview to Russian service Bi-bi-si 69-year-old model Meja Musk.

The mother of the American inventor Elon musk began her modeling career at the age of 15 in South Africa, but its peak was in the last few years: meye was photographed for the cover of New York Magazine and Elle Canada, became the face of Clinique cosmetics, and also signed a contract with one of the leading model agencies — IMG Models.

Last but not least the reason her career took off Meillet believes his grey hair, which she at one point just stopped painting. But this is not the only victim that had to go fashionable grandmother and a professional dietitian.

“Do not fear their 70”

Meye Musk actively publishes photos from the set to his Instagram, where she has almost 90 thousand subscribers.

“Adult models less competition, as, indeed, work. If you assiduously publish their photos, you can recruit a sufficient number of subscribers and even get the queries to work without castings”, — said the Meije, which, in 2017, the year was the age of the model American cosmetics brand Cover Girl.

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“Instagram” meye Musk has become a kind of fan club, where under each photo — thousands of likes and comments:

Now I’m not afraid of his 70 years.

— Thank you so much for an example of how a woman can be bold and beautiful at any age.