Drivers facing resit

Drivers facing resit

The traffic police are considering a proposal to introduce testing for knowledge of traffic rules every time you change the rights.

Drivers, the validity of the identity which came to an end, unable to deal with the need to pass the exam on knowledge of traffic regulations during the replacement of the document. A proposal of the Union of driving schools now consider in traffic police. In the community of motorists oppose innovations and assure that they need to re-sit the exam there.

Offer to take the exam at renewal of the driving license is contained in resolution of the III Congress of driving schools, directed the traffic police (a copy of the document is at the disposal of “Izvestia”). Now drivers receive rights for a period of ten years, and then change them with new ones after providing a medical certificate. Deputy head of traffic police Vladimir Kuzin confirmed to Izvestia that the Agency has received this and other proposals included in the resolution.

We are working with this document. In applications there are also sensible proposals. So, naturally, we will consider them in due course. After this proposal will be accepted or rejected, — said Vladimir Kuzin.

The resolution stated that the drivers who now have to change the law, get them back in the time when the control of driving schools and the quality of training of future drivers were not so strict as now. Therefore, when exchange of the rights of drivers should be checked for knowledge of the actual rules of the road, said the Chairman of the Union of driving schools Alexander Achkasov. He said that it is only about the theoretical part of the exam need to retake the practice, experts do not see.