Died the American writer Ursula Le GUIN

Died the American writer Ursula Le GUIN

In the United States on 89-m to year of life died the famous writer Ursula Kroeber Le GUIN.

The author of the novels in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, died Monday at his home in Portland, Oregon, after a long illness, said her son.

In the books, Le GUIN fancy entwined dragons, wizards and spaceships, through which solved the key problems of world order.

The novels of the writer were translated into many languages and still sell millions.

Over several decades of his creative activity Le GUIN has received several top awards in the genres of science fiction and fantasy (“Hugo,” “nebula”, “Loka”).

The writer was born October 21, 1929 in the family of a famous anthropologist Alfred of Kibera and writer Theodora Kroeber.

His first story she wrote at the age of 11 years. Graduated from Harvard and Columbia universities, he specialized in medieval romance literature. Her husband, Charles Le GUIN is Professor of history at the University of Oregon. They have three children.

The fame came to her in 1969 after the release of the novel “the Left hand of darkness”, which received both the highest award of the English-language fiction — “Hugo” and “nebula”.

It was written more than 20 books and over a hundred short stories.

Its most known books — Chinski cycle and the cycle of Earthsea, literary critics and fans consider deep philosophical fiction, which erased the line between fiction and “great literature”.