What are the risks for the economy will be discussed at the forum in Davos

What are the risks for the economy will be discussed at the forum in Davos

Democracy in the era of post-truth, the bubbles on the cryptocurrency market, the flight to the offshore Paradise, the revolution of robots… these Are key themes that are going to discuss on the forthcoming economic forum in Davos, leaders of the United States, France, Germany, great Britain, India, and Brazil. All of the most pressing topics are United by one global problem is a Great depression 2.0? Russia, however, outside of this alarming agenda and will be promoted on the forum, EXPO-2025.

On Monday, the Swiss Davos covered with snowdrifts above human growth, traffic congestion and there is a danger of avalanches. However, the international economic forum, which is held for the 48th time, kicked off on schedule in preview mode. Tuesday starts the official business part of the forum, which will continue all week, until 26 January.

Judging by the weather, such a snow did not have the last 10 years and almost as many turned to the global economic crisis. He inspired the greater part of those who plan to discuss forum members. Moreover, traditional economic risks associated with monetary policy, taxes, business environment, and the like, is separated from the new risks that have surfaced a year or two ago and linked to digital economy, cryptocurrency, robotics, Fourth industrial revolution, etc.

Although, for example, the theme of the disappearance of elephants, the depression and the results of the public movement “I, too” — sexual harassment — experts also do not bypass their attention.

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The bubble in the cryptocurrency market

The agenda of the forum should, in the first session on Tuesday will be presented to the strategic forecast on the development of the digital economy, its future and the willingness of traditional industries and development institutions for digitization.

No less popular and such a topic: “the Great transformation of energy.” About renewable energy, whose share is likely to double by 2030. Experts believe that VIA will save 4 million lives (through the reduction of harmful emissions and discharges), will increase global GDP by $1.3 trillion and provide jobs for 24.4 million people. But whether the leaders of different countries to go beyond the political obstacles to creating clean, affordable and secure energy future?

Another important topic will be dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The session will attempt to answer the questions, whether the inflated bubble in the market scriptaction, of which there are already about 1000? And whether cryptocurrency a consequence of the impending new financial crisis, which, according to the program, the elite will have in 2018?

According to the agenda of the forum, members of the Russian delegation will participate in several sessions, and some of them will make presentations. German Gref, head of Sberbank predictable will participate in a session dealing with problems of economic management in the era of the Fourth industrial revolution. The participants will try to decide whether national standards in the global economy, and how not to lose the trust of society?