USA offered Turkey to establish a security zone in the North-West of Syria

USA offered Turkey to establish a security zone in the North-West of Syria

TASS, January 22. /TASS/. USA offered Turkey to explore the possibility of creating a security zone in North-West Syria, to put an end to military operations, Ankara, codenamed “Olive branch”.


About it as reports the news Agency Reuters reported U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

According to him, the US stand to consider “working together to create such security zone” in North-West Syria, which would meet the needs of Ankara.

“We are in discussions with the Turks and some forces on the ground as to how we can stabilize the current situation and meet the legitimate concerns of Turkey regarding its security,” — said the head of foreign policy Department of the USA.

The General staff of the Turkish Armed forces announced on 20 January on the beginning of “operation Olive branch” against Kurdish groups from units of the “forces of the people’s protection units” (SNA) and the party “Democratic Union” (DS) in the Syrian district of Afrin, home to about 1.5 million Syrian Kurds.

According to the latest data, during the operation the aircraft of the Turkish air force has struck more than 170 targets in ‘ Afrīn. As reported by Reuters with reference to the press-Secretary of the Kurdish factions of the “Forces of democratic Syria,” the result of the operation the Turkish air force killed at least 18 people. The Turkish General staff insists that all the dead “are terrorists”.