Trump has signed a temporary budget

Trump has signed a temporary budget

WASHINGTON, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump signed passed by both houses of Congress the interim budget, extending the funding the Federal government until February 8, the White house said.

Thus, tramp was interrupted by a three-day pause in the work of the Federal government. Earlier, the Senate voted for the interim budget with 81 votes to 18 and the house of representatives supported the bill by a vote of 266 to 150.

This is the fourth time since the beginning of the fiscal year October 1, 2017, when the interim budget was adopted. Republicans and Democrats in Congress can’t agree on long term budget amid a number of disagreements, mainly on immigration.

In exchange for the support of the Democrats present budget the Republicans in the Senate agreed to hold soon a vote on immigration measures, the adoption of which the Democrats insist.