The U.S. Senate approved a deal to resume work of state institutions

The U.S. Senate approved a deal to resume work of state institutions

U.S. senators reached an agreement to extend funding of the U.S. Federal government for the next three weeks. This will allow to resume work of state institutions, suspended in the night on Saturday.

Resolution on the adoption of the bill scored 81 votes, with 60 needed, opposed by 18 senators.

Now the senators have to vote for the bill, after which it will be considered by the house of representatives. Then the document will be sent for signature to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Earlier, the legislators could not pass a bill to temporarily extend funding for the government, as the Democrats demanded that together with the budget approval was adopted safeguards for children of illegal immigrants.

“Today we will vote for the reopening of the government,” — announced at the meeting, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

However, he added that if by February 8, the parties agree on the protection of migrants, the Senate will proceed to consideration of a separate bill on this subject.

In the night of Saturday, 20 January, us lawmakers failed to agree on extending government funding, which led to a complete or partial closing of public institutions.

Monday did not work out of hundreds of thousands of employees of American government agencies, including most employees of the ministries of housing, environment, education and trade.

In the ministries of Finance, health, defence and transport did not work out of about half the staff.