Deputies searching for new objects to lock

Deputies searching for new objects to lock

The Chairman of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) said on Monday about working on a bill that would give Roskomnadzor the right to extra-judicial blocking of sites with information that encourages children and adolescents to commit life-threatening illegal actions.

The bill was a reaction to attacks by teenagers in schools Perm, Chelyabinsk region and Ulan-Ude last week. Previously it was passed the bill Spring for the protection of children from inducement to suicide.

Spring notes that the law establishes a period of three days to remove dangerous content. “Immediately after the removal of the site with illegal content appear “mirrors”. The bill proposed to remove such copies in one day”, — explained the purpose of the amendment the author.

These same amendments Spring offers Roskomnadzor immediately notify law enforcement authorities about the appearance of this content.

“Our task is not ad hoc to respond, and to protect against all forms of criminal solicitation of a minor life-threatening actions. We must suppress the very possibility of such crimes against children, zombie dieromantic crimes and give law enforcement the competent authorities effective mechanism to counter and, most importantly, the anticipation of such a threat. Should work prevention, legal response, assessment, restraint and responsibility,” — said Yarovaya.

While the document submitted to CCJ, the Prosecutor General, interior Ministry, communications Ministry, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of education for prior approval. It will also discuss on January 25 at the session of the Duma expert Council on issues of improving legislation in the sphere of ensuring the safety of children. After the author receives the position of the departments, amendments will be sent to the expert Council of the faction.

Another bill on the resonant theme was made by a United Russia Deputy Vitaly Milonov is proposed to introduce registration in social networks only on the passport, but it does not find support among his colleagues in the faction.

The Chairman of the Committee on information policy Leonid Levin stated that the bill is too early to comment because he only focuses on the opinion. Several agencies interviewed by “Vedomosti” also declined to comment. Last week, Levin said that Roskomnadzor has all possibilities to block groups, calling for violence in schools. “The tragedy in Perm Krai and Buryatia, for all their enormity, should not deprive us of common sense. In this context, it is inappropriate to introduce additional legislative regulation,” — said the Deputy.

“The lock doesn’t solve the problem, we cannot filter the content for children to receive only positive information,” — said the head of the Department of communications, Foundation for the support of children in difficult life situations, Svetlana Ivannikova.