CIA chief considered North Korea not ready for nuclear strike on the United States

CIA chief considered North Korea not ready for nuclear strike on the United States

Moscow. 23 Jan. INTERFAX.RU. After a few months, the DPRK will have the capacity of a nuclear strike on the U.S. mainland, the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo.

“Within a few months,” he said in an interview to CBS in response to a leading question.

When the host recalled that Pompeo said the same thing a few months ago, the chief of us intelligence said, “Right. I hope I can also say that in a year (.. .) The U.S. government is relentlessly working to push back this period.” Pompeo noted that the United States can say with certainty just what the nuclear missile program of North Korea “develops”, however, is not known “the real character of what is happening” in the DPRK.

“However, the main risk must know about the statesmen, is that the program of creation of nuclear weapons in North Korea continues to expand, enhance, weapons are becoming more powerful, more reliable,” he said.

The American magazine Newsweek, commenting on the Pompeo writes: “the Fact that Pyongyang has the capacity to strike the US, does not mean that he does it “for several months”.

Many experts believe that Kim Jong-Ynu (the leader of North Korea — if) nuclear weapons are needed as a deterrent. He understands that the use of these weapons against the United States is likely to lead to the complete destruction of his country”

The publication also writes that “the recent talks between North and South Korea have given rise to cautious hope that Pyongyang may soon agree to talks (on denuclearization — if) and to abandon its nuclear program.”

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