Achievements and losses: Trump can be proud of?

Achievements and losses: Trump can be proud of?

Anniversary of the presidency in the “shutdown”: while the American Congress adopted the budget, from-for what hundreds of thousands of civil servants have gone on indefinite leave, trump noted the year of his stay in power. What are the achievements and what are the losses we can say during this time?

The results of a survey commissioned by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News show: 69 percent of Americans satisfied with the state of the American economy. Simultaneously, another positive indicator for trump and the Republican party — that has reduced the number of supporters of the Democratic party. The Democrats still have majority in Congress.

Anyway, trump can be happy with the way he passed his first year in the White house. Although it was difficult, said the managing Director of law firm Marks & Sokolov, Bruce Marx, living in Pennsylvania:

First, I think the first year of his presidency trump is successful because he managed to carry out tax reform. In the private sector are increasing salaries and bonuses of employees. Second, critics of trump stopped talking about the economy, as it will be all right. Right now it shows amazing results.

“The unemployment rate around 4%, which is low, the stock market is at historic highs and the economy continues to grow. The third is very important — the fact that he has appointed conservative judges. For those who voted for trump, this is a significant achievement.”

Failures of the first year of the presidency Bruce marks include the fact that Trump failed to repeal Obamacare Obamacare, to undertake immigration reform, and to improve relations with Moscow.