Scammers are calling Russians with banks

Scammers are calling Russians with banks

Citizens report pseudostruthio financial institutions usernames and passwords from the cards.

Hunters to other people’s money began to apply the new fraud scheme — via a virtual PBX calling clients of banks with credit institutions and learn the usernames and passwords of cards. This “news” told in the Zecurion company that specializes on security issues of remote banking services. Other companies involved in cybersecurity, and in the “Beeline” confirmed the existence of this fraudulent scheme. The damage from it has exceeded 30 million rubles, the victims — has thousands of, rated by experts.

In Russia, there was another fraudulent scheme. Schemers buy cellular operators have a virtual PBX. They work on the basis of the existing network and allow you to create a workspace anywhere in the world. Monthly service only costs 3 thousand rubles. Scammers make cloud PBX on a disposable SIM card. Then using the web interface change the number of your station to the number of the Bank and under the guise of his employees to ring up customers of credit institutions, find out card data and steal money.

Citizens report card numbers, one time passwords and access codes necessary to conduct operations on the cards when they call with a Bank number.Mr Ulyanovskavtodor analytical center Zecurion

In the company “infosistemy Dzhet” and Positive Technologies have confirmed that this fraudulent scheme is gaining momentum. Even though the overall financial literacy of the population grows, the call from the “Bank” makes people forget basic safety rules.

Very often, banks are recommended to make the phone call center to your mobile in case of loss of card. So call attacker is not suspicious. Also the reference number can be changed on “02” — said the head of counter fraud centre for information security of the company “infosistemy Dzhet” Alexey Sizov.

The head of the group studies of the safety of telecommunication systems, Positive Technologies Pavel Novikov noted that in most cases this type of fraud affects elderly people. At risk and those who may not track information on the above schemers on the Internet.

50% of the time citizens give cyberswindlers the required information that is told in “information systems jet”. They calculated that the cost of the new scheme has exceeded 30 million roubles.

From one account hackers to steal on average of 5-10 thousand rubles. The number of cases of fraud is already several thousand.

— Subscribers can only advise to observe truths: not to disclose personal information such as PIN, CVV and one time password to the Bank’s employees. When providing remote services to customers operating workers such information is not needed — recommended Alexey Sizov.

According to the law “On communication” the substitution of numbers are now not prohibited.

— Track history, reset, record and log calls with the substitution of the obligation of operator. He is obliged to respond to fraud. Violation threatens the revocation of the licence, — said Vladimir Ulyanov from Zecurion.