CNN is expanding the staff of the Moscow Bureau

CNN is expanding the staff of the Moscow Bureau

CNN announced the expansion of the Moscow Bureau, said the press service of CNN.

In particular, the head of the Moscow Bureau appointed a former correspondent for the Wall Street Journal by Nathan Hodge. 2015 Hodge held the position of head of the Moscow Bureau of The Wall Street Journal, where he covered the crisis in Ukraine, in Syria and confrontation between Moscow and Washington.

Another new employee of the Moscow Bureau will become a senior international correspondent for CNN Fred Pleitgen of the London Bureau of CNN.

Senior international correspondent for the Moscow Bureau of CNN’s Matthew chance, who took office in 2011, will continue to work in the Moscow Bureau. During his work chance interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and also covered the events in Beslan, the conflicts in Chechnya and Georgia.

“This is a key year for Russia, and seeing the passion with which CNN covers the events, I look forward to what comes next,” said Hodge.