China has built 31-foot ice tower

China has built 31-foot ice tower

Icy tower height of 31 meters was built in the Chinese city of Harbin students and scholars from China and the Netherlands.

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The design called Flamenco Ice Tower, as the New Atlas, is located in the Chinese city of Harbin, known, in particular, the Opera house of unusual shape (it was designed by Chinese Studio MAD Architects) and the international festival of sculptures made of snow and ice. It is reported that the design of the tower made in the style of traditional Chinese architecture and resembles a dress for flamenco (Spanish (Andalusian) folk dance).

The largest Ice Tower in the world

The opening ceremony at the maple village yesterday! We broke the world record – 30.5 meters – The largest Ice Tower !
The Dutch Ambassador arrived to celebrate as well !

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Tower made not only of ice — it also, according to the designers, was mixed with wood fiber and cellulose, to strengthen the construction (the average thickness of the tower walls, as reported, is 25 cm). It is noted that the tower project has been in development for two years. (In 2015, the same team built a tower height of 21 meters — now, therefore, the team was able to surpass the previous record by 10 meters.).

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The experts that developed the project, suggest that the used method could be useful in the construction of temporary structures in extreme climatic conditions. They also plan to construct more ice buildings for the winter Olympics in 2022, which will be held in China.

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