Regardie buy rifle “Accuracy” and a system of acoustic impact “Whisper”

Regardie buy rifle “Accuracy” and a system of acoustic impact “Whisper”

Moscow. 18 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — New sniper rifle “Accuracy” and three dozen sets of systems of non-lethal acoustic impact “Whisper” plans to purchase Federal service of National guard troops of the Russian Federation in the current year.

According to the schedule published on the website of public procurement, this year Asgardia planning to buy a sniper rifle “Accuracy”. Will be purchased ten copies calibers 7.62 mm and 8.6 mm, and also ammunition to them. For the purchase of this weapon is planned to allocate about 11.5 million rubles.

In September 2017, the head of the TSNIITOCHMASH Dmitry Semizorov announced that sniper complex “Accuracy” in the near future will have to adopt the FSB, FSO and Asgardia.

“Now considering the issue of production in units of these agencies,” — said Semizorov reporters on September 27 last year. Wednesday.

New sniper complex was created on the basis of the 7.62 mm rifle T-5000 for the needs of the army special forces and members of the Federal security service.

In addition, Asgardia will purchase 34 instance of a system of non-lethal non-linear parametric acoustic impact on biological objects “Whisper” in the amount of 62 million roubles.

“Whisper” is a special boards with mounted radiator, generating for infralow-frequency fluctuations, having a stopping effect on the person.