In the US predicted the collapse of the “Roskosmos”

In the US predicted the collapse of the “Roskosmos”

Journalist Matthew Bodner column on the pages of Space News suggested that after the failure of the US purchase of “Roscosmos” on the Russian manned Soyuz spacecraft and engines for missiles Atlas 5 Russian state Corporation will be in a dire financial position.

The author cites a Russian analyst Pavel Luzin, according to which about half of the budget of Roscosmos in the framework of the Federal space program for 2016-2025 (1.4 trillion rubles, or $ 24 billion) is devoted to manned spaceflight.

In 2018 the cost of space for an astronaut on the “Union” will grow to 81 million dollars.

“Thus, every American astronaut contributes to five percent of the annual budget of the Corporation, at least based on the funding received from the Federal government through the Federal space program,” said Luzin.

In 2019 NASA plans to stop buying seats on Soyuz. “Budgetary cushion provided by NASA and other foreign agencies, will soon disappear, but nobody in Russia seems not talking about it,” says Bodner.

The reporter noted that in 2014, NASA and Roskosmos managed to maintain a business relationship despite the statements of Russian politicians, in particular, the proposal of the Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin to use US for missions in orbit trampoline, and doubts about Senator Alexei Pushkov the ability of modern United States to send a man to the moon.

“Russian officials continue to beat the drum”, referring to the launches U.S. rocket engines RD-180 for the Atlas 5 and that the Russian “Unions” are the only means of reaching the International space station, said Bodner, however, “completely undeveloped public debate that would put an end to this state of Affairs for the Russian space industry.”