In Thailand, criminals have selected the Russians bitcoins

In Thailand, criminals have selected the Russians bitcoins

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. In Thailand, a pair of Russians became the victim of a robbery from their compatriots who fraudulently took possession of bitcoins in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars, writes the Phuket Gazette, citing police.

As told by the victims, two unknown persons burst into their apartment and were presented by employees of the Russian Bureau of Interpol, investigating alleged fraud with bitcoins. Criminals who kept their victims in the apartment for five hours, forced a young couple to pass the password from the e-wallet, which holds bitcoins. Otherwise, they threatened to inject them with drugs and pass in a condition of narcotic intoxication the Thai police.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, and the victims went to the police only today due to the fact that the attackers intimidated.

As noted in the police, the criminals are now in Malaysia. Militiamen carry out investigative actions.