The court found Gleb Grozovsky priest guilty of pedophilia

The court found Gleb Grozovsky priest guilty of pedophilia

PRIOZERSK (Leningrad oblast), 17 Jan — RIA Novosti. The Priozersk town court of Leningrad region has recognized suspended from the service of the Russian Orthodox Church priest Gleb Grozovsky guilty of pedophilia, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison. In addition, Grozovsky will have to pay each of the victims on hundred thousand rubles compensation for moral damage. The priest said that he will appeal the verdict.

The prosecution asked for the defendant to 15 years in prison of strict regime, protection insisted on the justification.

As with all cases of pedophilia, the materials concerning Grotowski was considered in the closed mode.

The court found that Grozovsky molested three girls in the Orthodox camps on the island of Konevets on lake Ladoga and the island of KOs in Greece. One episode occurred in 2009 and two others in 2013.

The criminal case against the priest was initiated in the fall of 2013, then the ROC Grozovsky was removed from service. For a long time the priest was hiding in Israel. First he said that he was sent there on a business trip along the line of the ROC, however, it later emerged that the departure was his personal initiative.

In the fall of 2014, Israeli police detained Grotowski, and two years later the priest was extradited to Russia.

Even while abroad, the priest through the mass media declared his innocence and claimed that he became a victim of provocation.