Scientists have discovered why some people are more creative than others

Scientists have discovered why some people are more creative than others

The brain of those who are able to creative approach and unconventional solutions that really works otherwise than other people.

The results of the study group of experts from several scientific centers of the United States was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study authors asked 163 volunteers go through a classic test of divergent thinking, i.e. the ability to find many solutions to the same problem.

In particular, participants had to think of how unusual, new ways to use familiar objects, for example a wrapper of chewing gum or a sock.

In the process of implementation of tasks the researchers using functional magnetic resonance imaging followed by functional connectivity between different brain areas of participants, has watched as the activity in one brain area correlates with activity in another Department. The researchers also ranked participants put forward all ideas according to their degree of originality — the more original was the offer, the more points it scored.

In the end, the researchers were able to identify in the brain “network of high creativity” — a system of functional relationships between the areas responsible for generating original ideas. Moreover, the stronger connection in the network, the higher the capacity for unconventional thinking.

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Areas within a “network of high creativity” refer to three specific systems of the brain — basic, Executive and relevant. Basic system aktiviziruyutsya when spontaneous thought, when a man dreams dreams, head in the clouds. This system plays a key role in “brainstorm”, when it is necessary to find several possible solutions to the problem. Executive system aktiviziruyutsya when a person needs to focus on the results of his thinking. This system is activated when it is necessary to assess how workable the ideas put forward during brainstorming, and to modify them so that they were closer to the goal. Current system acts as a switch between generation of ideas and evaluation of their performance.

However, these three systems are the norm are never active at the same time. For example, if the system is enabled, the base is off and Vice versa. However, as established researchers, people with developed creative abilities brain works a little differently — they are basic, and the Executive system can be active in parallel thanks to differently arranged network of neural connections.