Disgruntled fans have definitively new “Star wars”

Disgruntled fans have definitively new “Star wars” Fans of the franchise “Star wars” have mounted their version of the eighth episode of “the Last Jedi”, removing from the film all scenes “with strong women.” 46-minute tape called “Chauvinist version” published online, writes BuzzFeed on Tuesday, January 16. Attention! Further in the article contains spoilers for the eighth “Star wars”. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) pic.twitter.com/prlaweMKMV — nini martini (@cybersoybean) 27 Dec 2017 During the download an error has occurred. In particular, the picture cut out all the scenes with Vice-Admiral Amilin, Hold (Laura Dern), shifting responsibility for the salvation of the rebel cruisers on the pilot of Dameron (Oscar Isaac). Also removed the “extra” dialogue with appliances rose tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and the scene where she tries to sacrifice himself. The film6.9 Star wars: the Last Jedi Antagonist Kyle Wren (Adam Driver), in turn, kills Princess Leia (Carrie

“I saw everything”. What was the reaction of Sharon stone, when asked about harassment in Hollywood

“I saw everything”. What was the reaction of Sharon stone, when asked about harassment in Hollywood The 10-second laugh best conveys the tragedy written in the eyes of the actress. CBS released an interview with Sharon stone where she talked about a difficult period in recent time, the actress has practically disappeared from the screens and the covers of gossip because in 2001 he suffered a brain hemorrhage. In an interview with a master the moment when the show’s host decided to ask the star of “Basic instinct” faced with harassment during his film career — in response, the actress laughed for 10 seconds. via GIPHY During the download an error has occurred. The presenter didn’t know how to respond to that laugh. “You can imagine a business in which I came 40 years ago?”, — with a condescending smile stone said. “Looks like I got?” — said the actress.

The physician assessed the health status of the trump

The physician assessed the health status of the trump WASHINGTON, 17 Jan — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump in General good health, said Tuesday his doctor, Ronny Jackson. “The President has a good performance and overall good health. Most likely, it will remain so for the entire duration of his presidency,” Jackson said at a briefing for journalists. According to him, it is connected including with the fact that he “all his life does not smoke and does not drink”. The doctor of the head of state stressed that he is “extremely good” passed the test on the psyche. Also, according to him, the President takes the drug Propecia, reduces hair loss. The doctor said that he would like to lower your patient’s cholesterol levels. As it turned out, trump weighs about 108 pounds. Jackson noted that the head of state would like to lose

North Korea decided to make the road toll

North Korea decided to make the road toll Roads in North Korea will be paid from January 20, including a Hiking route Pyongyang — Wonsan. This is stated in the message of the Russian Embassy in the DPRK hosted on the website of the Embassy in Facebook. “On the main highways of the country are established toll-gates”, — said in the text. In the Russian Embassy noted that now “the country in the summer to ride with the breeze from the North Korean capital to vaninskogo beach on the coast of Japanese (East) sea, will have to pay for his car eight Euro (two way)”. The diplomatic mission noted that innovation “refers not only to Russians, but also other foreigners and local owners “iron horses””. January 16, North Korea began to advertise new models of cars. About it reported in a press release of the Embassy of the DPRK, arrived

The ROC proposed to bring back the old calendar style

The ROC proposed to bring back the old calendar style MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. Russia needs to return to the old Julian calendar used in the country before the revolution, instead of the current Gregorian, said on Tuesday first Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate Alexander Shchipkov. 16фотографий16фотографий16фотографий “Annually in January, erupt conversations about what the celebration of Christmas must be on December 25 (in accordance with the current in Russia the Gregorian calendar — ed.). I am a supporter of “old style” and I think that Russia should return to the Julian calendar that existed in the time of Christ. I am sure that sooner or later it will happen”, — quotes the words Shipkova the Synodal Department. Of the Russian Orthodox Church uses in its services the Julian calendar (“old style”), while Russia, along with

Dishwasher was a refuge for germs and fungi

Dishwasher was a refuge for germs and fungi However, most of these microorganisms are harmless to humans. The results of the research group of microbiologists from Copenhagen (Denmark), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Ghent (Belgium) universities published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The conditions in the dishwasher can be considered extreme for the survival of the microorganisms, then dry, then wet, then high, then low temperatures, permanently changing the acid-alkaline balance, high salt concentration, presence of detergents and so on. Microbiologists decided to find out which bacteria and other microbes are able to survive in such a hostile environment. To do this they took samples of bacterial biofilms with rubber o-rings extracted from 24 household dishwashers, and conducted a genetic analysis. It turned out that the most common inhabitants of dishwashers are opportunistic strains of bacteria Pseudomonas, Escherichia and Acinetobacter. This means that these bacteria are mostly harmless and can

The brain of creative people works the same way

The brain of creative people works the same way An international team of psychologists found that people capable of original thinking, the processes in the brain occur on a similar principle. Creative people like artists and scientists sometimes face a crisis of ideas. Method which helps to generate new ideas, for each person, but the processes occurring in the brain at the time, a person manifests a creative ability, as it turned out, not as an individual. An international team of psychologists from the universities of Austria and China under the leadership of Roger Beaty of Harvard University conducted a series of experiments in which was studied the neuronal activity of creative people. In the experiment, the volunteers were in the scanner, who took pictures of brain activity, while they expressed the original thought. The participants were shown the image of the object, and within 12 seconds they had to

The Kosovo police has announced a reward for information about the killers Ivanovich

The Kosovo police has announced a reward for information about the killers Ivanovich Police self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo has a reward of €10 thousand for murder of the Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic. Militiamen are ready to pay such amount to those who can provide information that can help to locate the culprit, reports “RIA Novosti”. The Agency also reports that, according to doctors, he has died after receiving six gunshot wounds. The bullets were fired from a pistol of Yugoslav production. As reported by the portal iz.ru the President of Serbia Aleksandar vučić said earlier that is considering the murder Ivanovich as a terrorist act. Ivanovic was one of the leaders of the Kosovo Serbs. In 2014, in Kosovo, he was accused of war crimes against the civilian population. In 2016, the politician was sentenced to nine years in prison, but in February of 2017 the decision of the court