Vladimir Zhirinovsky will play in the play “Woe from wit”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky will play in the play “Woe from wit” The politician will perform on the stage of the Moscow theatre “School of modern drama” in the role of Famusov. MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. Loud premiere show on Thursday, January 18, the Moscow theatre “School of modern play”. In the play “Woe from wit” (the musical version of the classic Comedy of A. S. Griboedov) will take part well-known politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said on Wednesday, TASS in the press service of the theatre. The interlocutor of Agency has reminded that Vladimir Zhirinovsky, which can rightly be called the most artistic of Russian politicians has already been played on the stage of the “School of modern play” — he was involved in the play-improvisation “Overheard, was overseen, unrecorded”. But then he appeared on stage in the role of “cameo” — that is, himself. “This time Vladimir Zhirinovsky will speak in one

Zhirinovsky suggested that the United States “out of Olympus” and to become a regional power

The leader of LDPR, a member of the state Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Zhirinovsky © Marat Abulhasan/photo Department of the state Duma of the Russian Federation/TASS MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. LDPR leader and presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the United States failed to implement its global objectives in foreign policy, they “need to get rid of Olympus”. “Of course they [the U.S.] global goal failed. They need to climb down from Olympus, to become a regional power and to leave to itself”, – said the leader of LDPR reporters on Wednesday.

Kosachev: the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland changes of professionals in calling for sanctions “political workers”

The Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The decision of the Polish foreign Ministry to dismiss MGIMO graduates working in the office may be unpleasant, it is in line with trends obschezapadnuyu replacement versed in Russian Affairs specialists to “officers”. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. “It’s not only Polish, but obschezapadnuyu trend: really versed in Russian Affairs people to replace the “Commissars” and on those who put on sanctions and not on dialogue. Of course, it can not but rejoice, because to deal with politicienii, but incompetent commissioners much more difficult than even hard, but realistic professionals,” Kosachev wrote on his page in Facebook.

How Orthodox Dating

How Orthodox Dating The Russian Orthodox Church is not the first to Express a desire to participate more actively in the life of a Russian family. Among the latest initiatives is the offer of the Russian Orthodox Church to teach students the basics of family life in accordance with Christian standards. According to representatives of the clergy, will be able to fix the demographic crisis, and the situation with divorce. On the relationship between the sexes in the context of “traditional values” today say very much, but of how these relationships look like in reality, few people think. At the request of samizdat journalist and writer Anna Popova went to look for a pair in the Orthodox Dating and tried to understand how the true believers are now trying to find my second half to establish the same healthy Christian family. I was always considered an outcast among churched members

In Australia, the dog drove 1500 km by hitchhiking

In Australia, the dog drove 1500 km by hitchhiking The Australian Terrier to Grow were in the truck trucker and drove about 1500 km in one state of Australia to another. As reported in the CourierMail, sudden journey, the dog happened a few days ago. Family Scudamore living near the town of Goondiwindi (Queensland), went on holiday in the coastal town of Caloundra. After hitching a ride for 1,500 km on the back of a truck, Rusty the Australian terrior is stuck and needs to get home. Can you help?https://t.co/qQT8F4nBbV — The Courier-Mail (@couriermail) January 16, 2018 During the download an error has occurred. Terrier Rusty stayed home and seem bored. He escaped, got to the highway and somehow snuck into the truck, which was heading to the South Australian town of Snowtown. The driver found to Grow and took him home. Soon the Terrier return to owners — their

Hubble weighed the heaviest cluster of galaxies the Universe

Hubble weighed the heaviest cluster of galaxies the Universe MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. Space Observatory the Hubble space telescope measured the mass of one of the largest and most large clusters of galaxies in the visible Universe, ACT-CLJ0102−4915 in the constellation of the Phoenix — it was three quadrillion times bigger than the Sun, according to NASA. A large part of the galaxies in the Universe around us, including the milky Way itself is part of the larger clumps of matter, clusters and galaxies superscaling. Many of them, as shown by recent observations that extend for millions and tens of millions of light-years, and have a lot of tens to hundreds of trillions of solar masses. Scientists are actively studying a similar group of galaxies, because their study, like today I hope the cosmologists, will help us to understand the role in their education and life is played

RBC: detained former head of the security service of Boris Berezovsky

RBC: detained former head of the security service of Boris Berezovsky According to RBC, citing a source in the FSB and the source in the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry, was yesterday arrested the former head of security for Boris Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov. “Against Sokolov was initiated a criminal case under article 222 of the criminal code (illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons),” — said the representative of the FSB. According to him, Mr. Sokolov checked for involvement in the staging of the attack. The interlocutors of RBC said that also arrested was the former head of the security service of “Togliattiazot” Oleg Antoshin, and it goes through the same article. The official representative of “Togliattiazot” did not comment on the situation, stressing that Mr. Antoshin more than a year working in the company. According to sources, the FSB has detained two employees of a

Attacked school in Perm Teens accused of attempted murder

Attacked school in Perm Teens accused of attempted murder The court arrested the accused in the petition of the investigation. 8фотографий8фотографий8фотографий MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The investigation has charged two teenagers who attacked with knives for students at the school in Perm. About this informed the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko. “The main investigative Department of SK of Russia continues investigation of the criminal case initiated on the fact of incident in a school in Motovilikha district of Perm. Two minor defendants in this criminal case charged with committing a crime under part 3 of article 30, part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder of two and more persons, including minors, committed by group of persons on preliminary arrangement”)”, — said Petrenko. According to investigators, January 15 grader and his minor friend came to school