Old painting were a lost Rembrandt for $ 4 million

Old painting were a lost Rembrandt for $ 4 million

The picture three residents of the American city Teaneck wanted to sell for $ 800, turned out to be a lost Rembrandt. It is reported by Fox Business.

Brothers Ned, Roger, and Steven Landau decided to sell the painting after his mother’s death. The painting hung in the house from 1930-ies, when it was purchased on sale.

Landau showed a picture of the auction appraiser, but she has not made an impression on him. The bidding began with $ 250 and quickly reached $ 800. After that, the auction was joined by buyers from France and Germany, and raised the stakes to five thousand dollars. Soon the price reached 100 dollars and then 450 thousand dollars. The last bet was made by the purchaser from France, who proposed for the canvas $ 1.1 million.

The organizers of the auction did not understand what was happening until they’ve reached a participant from Germany. “Amy, this is Rembrandt, he said auctionette Amy Ludlow, which took bets by phone. — I was hunting for this picture my whole career”.

It turned out that the painting is part of a series, which the Dutch artist painted in the early seventeenth century. Each of the five paintings symbolizes one of the senses. The family Landau got “the Smell”: it depicts two men leaning with smelling salt over the woman fainted.