Found a new picture of van Gogh

Found a new picture of van Gogh

Found a new picture of Vincent van Gogh, according to the Museum of the artist on their official website.

This “Hill of Montmartre with stone quarry”, which dates back to March 1886 and which were kept in the collection of Van Vlissingen Art Foundation. Its authenticity was able to establish through extensive study conducted by Amsterdam’s van Gogh Museum.

NEWS – A new drawing by Vincent van Gogh has been discovered: The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry, dating to March 1886. Read more:

— Van Gogh Museum (@vangoghmuseum) January 16, 2018

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In addition, this examination allowed us to confirm the authorship of another similar figure — the “Butte Montmartre” (1886), kept in the Museum.

Now both works will be shown in the exhibition “Impressionism and beyond. A beautiful journey” in Museum Singer Laren.

Earlier it was reported that the van Gogh painting found fragments of a grasshopper.

It was also reported that in Brussels found the last fragment of the paintings of surrealist Rene Magritte’s “Enchanted rose”, written in 1927.