Flight attendants are ready to use force

Flight attendants are ready to use force

Do I need to expand the powers of aviacija.

“Aeroflot” has again urged tougher measures against aviakerosene. After in-flight quiet another bully, the company called for legislation to allow the crew to use a special deterrent. Whether to expand the powers of the members of the crew? And willing to do the airline? About Nikolai Dolgopolov.

The incident occurred on flight “Aeroflot” from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Passengers business class Mr Kolotygin, using alcohol more than she could absorb his body, went through all stages of offense — behaved provocatively and insulted the crew and hit one of the flight attendants. The aircraft commander was preparing for an emergency landing in Novosibirsk. However, the crew still managed to tame the rowdy helped the passengers of the flight. After landing he was handed over to the police.

Such situations often arise in the air, the flight attendant says one of the major airlines Victoria Ryazanov:

“First you approach the person and say: please don’t drink. He says: okay. The second time I approach, I say: you are officially reprimanded. The third time, if he doesn’t understand you, are you talking about he is already a written warning”.

The passenger can do whatever he wants — can break or leave. But it can help us in this case, allow to keep the man bound. We are forbidden to associate, we’re not allowed to keep. They beat us, we suffer.Victoria Ryazanovshchina one of the major airlines

Aeroflot has repeatedly proposed legislation to allow crew members to use in-flight special deterrence. Most of the foreign airlines for this purpose, plastic or metal cuffs. In Korea, the flight attendants can use stun guns, in France, the crew has the right to bind offenders, and in Australia — to use physical force to subdue and isolate the rowdy. According to the chief editor of the portal Avia.ru Roman Gusarov, in Russia there is no legal basis to confront the bullies.

“Today, everything that can cabin crew — as already in the known anecdote of President — to go to the rowdy and say: “Moscow time is 12 hours 5 minutes”. Neither special means, nor the authority they have is no more. And rowdy at this time did not control their actions, just words to affect him useless. Therefore, it is necessary to allow the use of special equipment and give cabin crew to use physical measures on the brawlers,” explains the expert.

While stun guns, firearms and cartridges with gas to give the crew is not necessary, experts believe. Their use in the aircraft cabin at a height of 10 thousand meters, even more dangerous than the antics of a rowdy.

And the relevant skills on the crew yet, believes the current civil aviation pilot, President of trade Union of flight structure of Russia Miroslav Boychuk:

“At the moment our industry is not ready for this. If a brigade to take, and there are eight to ten people maximum, two men, and they are not the strongest. Most of them are women. The crew is not ready for fisticuffs, let’s say, fights with rowdy, and there can be no strong men. So if coercion physical permit, it people need to be specially prepared.”

Now aviakerosin the law threatens till five years of imprisonment.

But in the event of an emergency landing by one of the offending airlines lose tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of passengers fall plans.

Perhaps if crew members previously supplied with plastic handcuffs and tape on a legal basis, would not have to impose on passengers a host of other restrictions — including the ban on carrying and use of on Board alcohol from duty free shops. However, this raises another risk: who knows how many Russians would be travelling with their hands tied.

Previously, the criminal code was amended, toughening the punishment for disorderly conduct on transport. C June 2018, the airline will have the legal right to include in the “black lists” destructive passengers continue to deny them transportation. Although the carriers reported that first and then make informal lists of undesirable clients.