Discerned called Champions for the plagiarism in scientific papers

Discerned called Champions for the plagiarism in scientific papers

Free online community Discerned has presented the report “Structure, volume, and key players dessertenne industry in Russia to 2017”. Analyzed in this thesis with evidence of plagiarism throughout Russia. According to the authors, 392 of the dissertation Council of 2034 unscrupulous approached their work.

Detailed information about the report publishes RBC.

The authors made several antireytinge. One of them covered the universities record for poor defense.

At the Moscow pedagogical state University were revealed 232 such a case that secured him first place in the rating.

Follow him attached to the Academy of national economy and reorganized in Ranepa in 2010, the Russian state service Academy with 182 works and Tambov state University named G. R. Derzhavin, where such protection was 126. Also the leaders were of the University, ENGECON, PFUR, City], MGU, RGGU and UGPS the Ministry of emergency situations. The entire community found 7251 thesis plagiarism or substitution of experimental and statistical data.

The authors note that not all introduced at the top of the list universities fall under the category of “discordances factories” in the terminology of “Discerneth”. For example, at MSU, nearly all dishonest protection was held in the same separate the councils and with the participation of a limited set of professors. Separately, I have compiled a list of dissovety leaders substandard protection. Three clear leader (the Council of history at Moscow state pedagogical University — 178 protections in Economics at TSU them. Derzhavin — 90 works on the economy in GASIS — 86 protection) are closed. Among the most productive was the Council of economic Usau, where it was revealed 40 defective work.

“Discarnate” also made the list of “factories” of false theses of the Soviets, where it was protected by 5 or more suspicious operations. Such was 89, they are responsible for protection 947. “The closure of 5% of the existing dissertation councils decides 65% of the problems with unscrupulous borrowing in the system of scientific attestation”, — concluded in the “Discarnate”. Another ranking for the distribution of defective work in the field, which is far ahead of economic science, responsible for almost half of such works. In the end, the report suggests that the Ministry of education to close 89 of the most odious of dissertation councils and abolish the Statute of limitations for the cancellation of an academic degree, according to which at the moment it is impossible to withdraw academic degrees, protected early.