Arrested attacked school in Perm Teens

Arrested attacked school in Perm Teens

Motovilikhinskiy district court of Perm has arrested for two months Teens who 15 Jan attacked school No. 127. The meeting was held behind closed doors in the city hospital № 4 Perm, where the suspects under guard being treated. After their condition improves, they are transferred to the hospital unit of the prison.


The court session lasted about one and a half hours. The investigator of the Central office of the TFR insisted on the arrest of a teenager because of the gravity and public danger of the criminal act.

The Prosecutor and the lawyer asked the court to dismiss the petition of the investigation about the arrest, referring to the need for treatment of a teenager in the hospital. Lawyers for the teenager may appeal the decision of the court about the arrest in the Perm regional court.

The attack on the school № 127 in Perm occurred on the morning of January 15. Two teenagers entered the building and inflicted knife blows to the teacher’s work and pupils of the 4th class, then hit the knives to each other. To the city hospital was hospitalized nine fourth graders, the teacher and both of the attackers. SU TFR in the Perm region opened a criminal case upon attempt at murder of two or more persons. Later, the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin has transferred criminal case in manufacture of GSU SKR.

Constantine Sterledeva, Perm