Rise of the machines. As drones become a weapon of terror

Rise of the machines. As drones become a weapon of terror

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti, Vadim Saranov. The bombing and mining facilities, spraying of chemical warfare agents, raids on places of a congestion of people — not a complete list of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Recently, the Russian defense Ministry warned about the danger of terrorist attacks with the use of drones anywhere in the world. The occasion was the attempted attack on Russian targets in Syria with the use of handicraft, at first glance, the made drones. How far can the passion of the terrorists, ultra-small aircraft — in the material RIA Novosti.

First blood

“Small UAVS as aircraft and helicopter type in recent years is widespread in the world, says RIA Novosti expert on unmanned aircraft Denis Fedutinov. — The flip side of scientific progress is that its fruits can be used not only good citizens, but also terrorist groups”.

Have repeatedly been cases of equipment mini-UAV explosive devices by both artisanal and industrial manufacture. Moreover, there is a trend to increase the number of cases of UAV use for criminal purposes.Denis Reducingagent for unmanned aircraft

ISIS is using the PG-7 HEAT warheads for its air VBIED, its kill area must be relatively small but it can destroy a tank from the top pic.twitter.com/7nyTpaq5vn

— Yago Rodríguez (@MinsterTX) 10 Dec 2016

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Attack drones were armed terrorists is a relatively new in 2015-2016. Most active killer robot drones were used in Iraq by the militants of the Islamic state*. They were mostly quadcopters factory or home-made, “upgraded” to the bombings. The most popular among the militants used one of the most massive in the world of household DJI Phantom quadcopters, arms, typically 200 gram rounds for underbarrel grenade launchers of Soviet production Vogue-13.

In 2017 the battle for Mosul, the militants* floated more serious devices — the soldiers of the coalition managed to bring down several multicopters, made “on the knee” and armed a 2.2-pound grenades from a grenade launcher RPG-7. Actively applied and drones-kamikaze — drones small aircraft type, which suggests one goal of the cameras. One of the most successful attacks from the air occurred in February 2017 in the vicinity of Mosul — drone-bombers destroyed the Iraqi armored “hammer”.

“In principle, any household quadcopter capable of carrying a camera, suitable for attacks, and not only bomb, — said the representative of the Moscow model airplane club Michael (name changed about his request. — Approx. ed.) — for Example, today in the free market is agricultural multicopter designed for the chemical processing fields. Such a device it is possible to fill not agricultural chemistry, and, say, sarin”.

The Internet is a video where the craftsmen put on the multicopter firearms and accurately shoot it for target practice. In short, a huge fancy.The representative of the Moscow model airplane club

Higher, further, faster

However, the first seen in Iraq, “swallows” combat aircraft of the IG* had a number of drawbacks, chief among which was a small distance. Multicopter and winged drones could only operate at a distance from the operator, to a maximum of 2 kilometers. As recent events in Syria, where militants have used drones aircraft type with a range of over 50 kilometers, the distance is not a problem for gloomy geniuses of terror.

“To calculate and collect such airplane in primitive conditions possible, — told RIA “news” the head of the aircraft modeling club, “MIG” Alexander Titaev, and that’s what concerns management, it is of great complexity. Need to be tied to the GPS, requires a professional radio station, as well as specialist who is able to “fly” the camera over long distances”.

I can say that in our country is among lovers one of such devices is not engaged, it’s too hard.Alexander Timefractional aeromodelling club “MIG”

The defense Ministry does not rule out the possibility that militants with the creation of drones helped someone. As stated in the Department applied in the apparatus of technical solution could be obtained “only from one of the countries with a high technological opportunities to provide satellite navigation”. However, the expert community, many believe otherwise.

“What we saw in Syria is, by and large, no drones, and collected from reechek and foam of some aircraft, explains RIA Novosti CEO of the Association of operators and developers of unmanned aircraft systems Gleb Babintsev. — Put the autopilot with an open Protocol, which you can buy anywhere. I assure you, any fifth-grader is able to collect.”