American couple held in captivity for 13 children, chaining them to their beds. This became known when their daughter managed to escape

American couple held in captivity for 13 children, chaining them to their beds. This became known when their daughter managed to escape

On the morning of 14 January, the emergency number 911 call 17-year-old girl from the city of Perris, located 70 miles (approximately 110 kilometers) Southeast of Los Angeles. She reported that ran away from home, where her parents still hold the power of her 12 brothers and sisters. The mobile phone from which the girl called, she found in the house.

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Arrived at the specified place, the police did find the children being held in a dark and bad smelling room. All of them looked severely malnourished and dirty, many of them were chained to the beds. According to police, they were shocked not only by appearance children, but the fact that they looked much younger than his age. In fact, many of them were already adults — the oldest of them was 29 years old.

The parents of children 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anne Turpin are unable to clearly explain why and how long their children are in such conditions. The parents were arrested, they were indicted on nine counts and set bail at nine million dollars each. Rescued from captivity the children were sent to local hospitals and centers for the protection of children.

Many of the residents of Parris, who lives next door, said that either never saw the children in the house Turbinyh, or seen, but very rarely. In the house the lights were always on, but what was happening inside, nobody knew. The front of the house was always abandoned and overgrown with grass. Kimberly Milligan, living near Turpini, told the Washington Post that only once faced with the Turpin family, when the children dressed up your yard before Christmas in 2015.

According to The New York Times, Turpini arrived at Paris in 2010, before that they lived in Texas. In 2011, the couple filed in the California court bankruptcy filing, saying that their debt is from 100 to 500 thousand dollars. Lawyer Ivan Trahan, engaged in their bankruptcy, said that Turbine looked like a normal cute couple, they often mentioned their children and described how he took them to Disneyland.

According to the registry of the state of California at the address where he lived Turpini, a registered private day school Day School Sandcastle. In the past academic year, it enrolled six new students. The Director of the school is David Allen Turpin.

David’s parents Turpin told ABC News that shocked by the allegations, which they learned from the media. According to them, the last time they visited the family Turbinyh in California four or five years ago, but was regularly in contact with them, however, did not say with his grandchildren. They also stressed that Turbine — abiding Christians, their children receive a rigorous education at home and learn by heart long passages from the Bible.

On Facebook there is a joint account with David and Louise Turbinyh. It published many pictures of the family in full force. Until recently, on the page almost no one paid attention. Americans now massively share photos from there, wondering how such a seemingly ordinary family, could befall such a tragedy.

Alexander Filimonov