Actor Kevin spacey was accused of racism

Actor Kevin spacey was accused of racism

The incident occurred in 2012 on the set of “house of cards”.

Hollywood actor Kevin spacey was accused of racism on the set of the TV series “house of cards”, says The Daily Mail.

Charges nominated 51-year-old Earl blue, the head of the company VIP Protective Services, which was engaged in protection of the set during the filming of the 2012 season. Despite the fact that it took more than five years, blue decided to announce this only now. His words were confirmed by another employee of the security company.

Blue recalls that when the Manager took the guards to get acquainted with the actor, spacey came out of the shooting of the van and deliberately ignored the blue, shaking hands with the police officer, of European appearance.

Later, according to blue, spacey said, “I don’t want niggas looked out for my truck”.

According to blue, the actor tried to avoid any communication with the black guards allowed themselves racist insults, and after filming the first season of a contract with his security firm has not been renewed. According to blue, the only reason was racism spacey, and now he intends to apply for the actor to court because of this case VIP Protective Services in the state of which was 40, went bankrupt.

Kevin spacey for five seasons played in “house of cards” the primary role of a Congressman, and then U.S. President Frank underwood, however, after allegations of sexual harassment, spacey fired from the project. In addition, in the new film by Ridley Scott “All the money in the world” was cut out and reshot all the scenes with spacey. In October 2017 Kevin spacey admitted homosexuality after actor Anthony RAPP accused him of harassment.