AFP: France has arrested a businessman suspected of involvement in the case Kerimova

AFP: France has arrested a businessman suspected of involvement in the case Kerimova

PARIS, 15 Jan. /TASS/. French police have detained Swiss businessman Alexander Studhalter, which is allegedly linked to an alleged case of money laundering; Russian Senator and businessman Suleiman Kerimov. This was reported on Sunday Agency France-Presse.

According to him, the detention was held in nice on Friday, after which Studhalter was placed under temporary arrest. According to AFP, referring to the investigating authorities, he allegedly became a figurehead of the victim in the course of operations on the Cote d’azur with the acquisition of real estate and the laundering of funds obtained by tax evasion.

The order about the arrest of Swiss businessman has given the same investigating judge, who leads the case of Kerimova. Studhalter, was called to him on Friday to testify. According to the environment of Studhalter, “he immediately turned on the fact of detention to the investigation chamber of the Appeal court of AIX-EN-Provence in the hope that she recognizes how it was done it earlier in relation to the other defendants in the case that such detention is not justified legally.”

Assistant Studhalter in this regard, also expressed surprise that the arrest was made two years after the start of the investigation, and initially brought against him the accusation was already previously removed.

They also reminded that he is Alexander Studhalter “has always been in the course of the investigation for all calls of the investigator” and that he “continues to categorically denies the charges against him, charges and qualification of the acts committed”. Only in this case are in France, 13 people, including several local realtors. The investigation is conducted with the end of 2014.