The coalition of States began to establish in Syria “forces border security”

The coalition of States began to establish in Syria “forces border security”

WASHINGTON, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. The coalition headed by the USA against the group “Islamic state”* began to establish a so-called “security forces of the border” in Syria, the territory under its control, said a Defense Post, the representative of the press service of the Thomas Fork.


The Alliance works in conjunction with the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS).

“Currently, the first phase trained approximately 230 people, the ultimate goal is to create a force strength of approximately 30 thousand people”, — said the representative of the coalition.

According to him, the new force will be along the valley of the Euphrates river on the Western outskirts of the Syrian territory controlled by the SDS, as well as along the Iraqi and Turkish borders.

“Syrian democratic forces” was formed with the active support of the United States in 2015 as officially stated, to fight against ISIS*. The formation, consisting mainly of Syrian Kurds, as well as some of the Arab tribes that received weapons from the coalition.

Report a new initiative of the United States in Syria came amid threats from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He said that the country’s army, maybe in the next week to start the operation in the regions of Manbij and Afrin controlled by the YPG — the armed forces of the Syrian Kurds, allies of the United States. Erdogan, though hit the States with harsh criticism, but expressed the hope that Washington will support the efforts of Ankara.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.