The White house doctor said about the health trump

The White house doctor said about the health trump

MOSCOW, 13 Jan — RIA Novosti. Examining the US President Donald trump’s doctor, Ronny Jackson said that the American leader is “in excellent health”.

“Physical examination of the President at the military hospital Walter reed today went exceptionally well. The President is in excellent health, and I look forward to divulge details on Tuesday”, — said in a statement released by the White house.

Earlier, the White house reported that the trump at the beginning of 2018 will pass medical examination and will allow doctors to publish the results.

In this case in the media, questions were raised about the health of trump after mid-November, the President twice interrupted his speech at the White house to make a couple of SIPS from the bottle, which immediately was able to find.

Later there was a second case where during a speech the American President, apparently, dry throat, and he’s slurring her words.

In addition, according to a new book about trump “Fire and fury: the White house trump”, mental health concerns trump expressed some of his advisors.