The smell of fried: does Russia faces potato crisis

The smell of fried: does Russia faces potato crisis

MOSCOW, January 12 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. The Russians don’t have enough vegetables: self-sufficiency in this critical element of the consumer basket can be 90.7 percent.

This is below the threshold of 95 percent set by food security Doctrine. To such conclusions came in the chamber, after analyzing preliminary data from the national selhozperepisi and Rosstat. In the industry, on the contrary, they say that potatoes now produce even more than the people are ready to eat it. But pointing to another problem: the potato lives in Russia is very small — can’t it normal to keep. Should we be afraid of deficit lupneplod what is happening in the market and whether right now to run veggie for a bag of potatoes — in the material RIA Novosti.

What happened to the potatoes

In the chamber are sounding the alarm: in comparison with last year the self-sufficiency of potatoes fell by seven percentage points if compared with the 2015- still 15.

The Agency indicates that over the past 10 years, the acreage was reduced in 1.7 times, and almost two million private farms ceased to exist. In addition, underdeveloped infrastructure for logistics and vegetable handling, as there is a shortage of potato storages.

This situation threatens to reduce the production that “can adversely affect the level of self-sufficiency of the Russian Federation” fear in the audit Department.

In the Potato Union of Russia to such statements very skeptical. The industry explained: the reduction in planting areas as indicated by Rosstat, is the merit of private farms (LPH), which previously accounted for 85 percent of production.

“Every year in Russia is steadily declining number of farms. Gone are the days when grandmothers everywhere grow potatoes in the garden, people are accustomed to: why roach is the minimum price to buy this product at any time of the day or night,” explains Aleksey Krasilnikov, Executive Director of Potato Union of Russia.

As for the commercial sector, which includes farms, farm households and small manufacturers out there in the last three years there is overproduction, and high productivity compensates for the reduction in the area.

Produce more than eating

Doctors recommend to consume 110-115 pounds of potatoes on average per person per year — the so-called medical norm of individual consumption, which is calculated for different product categories.