The Ministry of environment will make chutes in high-rise buildings?

The Ministry of environment will make chutes in high-rise buildings?

This possibility did not exclude the head of the Ministry Sergey Donskoy. Whether it’s to motivate the Russians to sort the waste?

In Russian apartment buildings, maybe some garbage disposal. Thus people will motivate you to separately throw away the garbage. About it told RBC in an interview with the Minister of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy.

Project coordinator onf “General cleaning” in Moscow Natalya Rozina said such an idea is obviously a failure:

“If a person is to say that we now forbid you to do what you always did, then most likely, it will not cause anything but rejection or protest. If you want to make separate waste collection in the country, the brewing of garbage disposal — the right step. If we want to really make the structure of the collection of recyclable waste for every resident, we have in any public place that is within walking distance, there should be containers for separate waste collection. It can be megacontinent system when separate containers for glass, plastic, metal and paper, it can be dvuhkonturniy system, when there are containers for “dirty” garbage — food waste and a container where everything that can be recycled. But while this infrastructure is not, to say that something is brewing, it is meaningless. People will put in a package of unsorted garbage in the yard and just put it in a shared container”.

Practice shows that once in the yard appear containers for separate collection of waste, almost half of the inhabitants of this yard is starting to collect them separately and 20-30 percent join them after a little clarification.Natalie Rosina, the Coordinator of the onf project “General cleaning” in Moscow

In late August, Sergey Donskoy said that the establishment of a system of separate waste collection will take about ten years, and the Ministry of environment will have to spend about 8 billion rubles to repair the damage from improper storage of waste.

Next year will gradually prohibit the disposal of solid waste that can be recycled, such as glass, plastic and paper. About other possible measures, says the Chairman of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Olga Timofeeva: