The head of the Chechen “Memorial” stated that drugs had been planted by a policeman

The head of the Chechen “Memorial” stated that drugs had been planted by a policeman

The head of the Grozny office of the human rights centre “memorial” Oub Titiev claims that was found in his car a package with a substance resembling marijuana, was planted by one of the police officers.

About it “Interfax” said his advocate Pyotr Zaikin.

He said that his client wrote the application in Department of the TFR in the Chechen Republic on excitation of criminal case against the officer. “Apply tomorrow we plan on personal reception the head of the Department or his Deputy. If we don’t, then we will give it to the office,” said the lawyer.

According to him, employee data, dosmatrivaetsya the car of human rights defender, he was not known, because the officer had not showed his ID. The lawyer said that AUB Titiev was stopped by three “men in uniform”.

“One was in the car (police.— “Kommersant”). The second, which stopped the car from my client, all the time was in his mind. We believe that a package with narcotic substance was probably planted it the third man in uniform, who climbed under the passenger seat,” added the lawyer.

Pyotr Zaikin said that the inspection of human rights occurred twice. “The first time they’ve got that something went wrong and they decided to do the procedure again,” the lawyer said. He believes that the inspection of the vehicle “in principle were carried out illegally”.

Oub Titiev was arrested on 9 January in the Kurchaloy district of Chechnya. Yesterday he was charged under part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code (illegal storage of narcotics in the large size) and assigned arrest for two months.