Putin spoke about the project “Leaders of Russia”

Putin spoke about the project “Leaders of Russia”

NOVO-OGARYOVO, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. The project for the selection of managerial personnel “Leaders of Russia” is not associated with the current political situation, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with leaders of the Russian print media and news agencies.

The head of state noted that monitors are such professional selections throughout the country.

“I’ve watched it personally. I believe that the organization and the nature of the work, and the work is positive — this is the biggest event,” he said.

The President stressed that nothing to do with the political situation this project has not.

“Nothing to do with the situation in the current political moment it has not. You know that for quite a long time, for almost all of the previous six years, we always talked and made persistent efforts in the field of training”, — said Putin.

He added that one of the priorities is the training of skilled workers, Russia is pursuing its national professional skills competitions and participates in international, as well as by various support from government and business to young professionals.

“It’s happening everywhere. It is quite natural that at the Federal level we’ve got to get promising young people”, — said Putin. The head of state explained that this work is a major diversified program and the contest “Russia’s Leaders” belong to it.

He stressed that the funds allocated to these projects is not for employment and for professional growth and development of young professionals. “Of course, we will be including of them to establish the Federal reserve,” the President said.

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