News feed Facebook changes its priorities

News feed Facebook changes its priorities

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has promised that the news feed the social network will change the priorities. About this he wrote on his page.

According to him, Facebook will reduce the importance of news and advertising publications, increasing percentage of the content from the family and friends of the user. “News feed has moved away from what was originally created to help to contact with each other,” said Zuckerberg. According to him, the debugging changes has already begun and its completion will take several months.

“I expect that these changes will allow users to spend less time on the site and the extent of their involvement will be reduced. But I also expect that the time I spent on Facebook will become more valuable,” said the founder of the social network.

27 June 2017 the number of users Facebook has exceeded two billion accounts. The world population is about 7.3 billion people.

In December 2015, Zuckerberg said that he would give 99 per cent owned by him and his wife Priscilla Chan of Facebook stock to charity. He said that the transfer of funds will be raised gradually, however, the exact term to call did not become, having limited to “throughout our lives.” The total cost of this stake, according to Zuckerberg, was then about $ 45 billion.