Named the size of the grant aid for Syria

Named the size of the grant aid for Syria

In 2018, on the provision of humanitarian aid to Syria will require $ 3.5 billion. This was at the end of the visit to the country, said Deputy UN Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs mark Lowcock, according to UN information center.

According to Lococo indicated sum will allow to alleviate the suffering of 13 million people in all parts of Syria. Thus, according to the Deputy UN Secretary General, to rebuild the country will need hundreds of billions of dollars. Today, about 70 percent of Syrians live in extreme poverty.

“I talked with those who before the war worked in hospitals, schools and other public institutions — they all want to go home, continue to benefit society and help people recover from the severe trauma they have experienced,” said Lowcock.

The first humanitarian convoy with Russian aid for the Syrian people in the district of Eastern ghouta in Damascus was sent in July 2017. Russia systematically sends people food, medicine, Russian doctors provide medical assistance to the needy. Readiness to provide assistance to Syrians in 2017 was announced by the United States.